Svi članci od Zvonacka Banja

Zvonacka Spa – Serbia


Zvonacka Spa, the balneological and climatic resort named by the nearby village of Zvonce, is situated in the picturesque gorge of the River jerma near Pirot, Babusnica, Dimitrovgrad (eastern Serbia – about 400 km away from Belgrade).

Hotel in Zvonacka Spa Serbia

It is set on the slopes of Mt. Vlaska (1443 m), at the altitude of 660 m, which makes this Spa the highest natural resort in Serbia and the one with a long tradition.

Archeological finds and old written records testify that the curative water of this Spa had been used in the times of old Romans and in Medieval Serbia.

Despite the fact that ancient Roman therme had been its predecessors, the Spa was renewed as late as 1912. Since 1996. it has been included among the specialized institutions of the Republic of Serbia for rehabilitation and for the prevention of disability.

The curative water of Zvonacka Spa (28° C) is radioactive (6.55 MU), clear, without colour or odour, and belongs to the group of oligo-mineral, weakly sulphureous hypo-thermae, used for therapeutic purposes by bathing and drinking.

Treatments are conducted by bathing in various types of showers, pools and bath tubs, by underwater massage, paraffin applications, eye-rinsing, drinking, and by all forms of physical therapies…
with the hospital regime including dietary nutrition and hiking along the health paths. (Specific air and increased quantity of negative ions in the air, make treatments in this Spa more effective).

A team of medical experts from the Health Centre in Pirot (physiatrists, neurologists, other specialties and diverse medical staff) takes care of the patients in the modernly equipped therapeutic block of “Mir” Hotel of B category, with 140 beds. (The hotel is, of course, at the disposal of all those who want just to stay and rest in this unique oasis of calmness and health and unspoilt nature).

medieval monastery - Zvonacka Spa eastern Serbia

Luckily, it is not just the curative water and preserved nature what Zvonacka Spa offers to its visitors. The sojourn can be enriched by numerous picnics and visits to the six nearby medieval monasteries and the picturesque jerma Gorge and its Vatrena Dupka Cage (underground corridors, more than 4 ; km long) or by fishing (fishing permit is obtained free of charge!…).

Those more dexterous and fit ones can take up mountaineering or hunting in Mounts of Vlaska (1443 m) or Stara Planina (2170 m), or climb to Asanovo Kale (1032 m for a magnificent view, or go to Elephant’s Spring, a mountain well believed to improve eye vision.

Therapies can be complemented by another useful pastime – gathering medicinal plants for herbal teas, as the forest clearings there have got some herbs that are extremely rare not only in Serbia but in Europe as well.

And that is not all. To entertain their guests, and show them the wealth of the cultural heritage and tradition of the region, the hosts often j organize performances of local traditional cultural and art societies, when the sounds of old instruments and original folk songs can be heard, in the national kolo dance with dancers wearing picturesque folk costumes…

The hotel has got three pools (one of them outdoors.)